Richmond man acquitted in parking lot slaying. Richmond Times Dispatch. 2007

Jury finds man not guilty of all charges in shooting outside of Southside nightclub-February, 2017

Judge declares mistrial in Henrico County murder trial. Richmond Times Dispatch. 2006

Man's second murder trial ends in acquittal. Richmond Times Dispatch. 2006

Man dies after stabbing, girlfriend charged with murder. Petersburg Progress Index. 2005-NOT GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES

Jury finds teen not guilty in slaying of 18 year old. Richmond Times Dispatch 2003

Jury acquits man in April 2004 slaying. Richmond Times Dispatch 2005

Jury acquits man in death. Richmond Times Dispatch 2003

Man found not guilty in slayings. Richmond Times Dispatch. 2003

Jury acquits man in 1994 slaying. Richmond Times Dispatch 2005

Police arrest suspect in Broadrock Boulevard homocide. Richmond Times Dispatch. 2013-NOT GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES 2015

Man found not guilty of murder. Richmond Times Dispatch 2007

Judge allows possibility of new trial for convicted killer. Richmond Times Dispatch 2013

Lawyers Clash Over New Trial For Murder Suspect-VA Lawyers Weekly 2013

Richmond Man Convicted Of Murder Gets New Trial-Richmond Times Dispatch2013

Richmond prosecutor adjusts disclosure policy. Richmond Times Dispatch 2013

Attorney Alleges Evidence In Peterson Case Kept Secret-ABC News 2008

Man Found Not Guilty Of Mosby Court Murder-2016

Man Found Not Guilty Of Double Malicious Wounding-2016

Don’t Hire A Lawyer Who Tells You What They Can Do.

Hire A Lawyer Who Will Show You What He’s Done.

Recent Wins

“Henrico Jury Finds Man NOT GUILTY of Strangulation”

March, 2017

“Jury finds man not guilty of all charges in shooting outside of Southside nightclub”

February, 2017

Jury Finds Man Found Not Guilty of Double Malicious Wounding:  JURY TRIAL”

August, 2016

Man Found Not Guilty of First Degree Murder:  JURY TRIAL”

June, 2016

Man charged with First Degree Murder, Use of a Firearm, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon:  JURY TRIAL; NOT GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES”

Times Dispatch-July 2014

Man charged with double Attempted First Degree Murder:  JURY TRIAL; NOT GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES”

Times Dispatch-June 2014

Man charged with Malicious Wounding, Use of a Firearm:  JURY TRIAL; NOT GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES”

Times Dispatch-October 2013

“Richmond Man Convicted of Murder GETS NEW TRIAL.”
Times Dispatch, March 2013

Jason Anthony-"J.A."

Jason Anthony-"J.A."



The Criminal Lawyer and the Client

If you’re being investigated for or charged with a crime, having me as your Criminal Lawyer standing between you and the Commonwealth of Virginia is the best choice that you can make.  Lawyers will tell you that your case is “easy”, a “joke”. It’s Not.

If you think you’re going to win a fight, you don’t see what’s coming. Then you get hit. I look for the problems and take care of them. You want your defense to be muscled up, not cocky. 

“Early Intervention Is Key”

There is a critical time period in every case, and it starts when you become a target in a criminal investigation.  This investigatory phase is when you want to hire an attorney to defend you before charges are even filed.  During this window of time, I have the opportunity to dissuade the prosecution from ever charging or arresting you.  You will not look guilty to the people who are investigating you by hiring a lawyer, you will look smart.  And most importantly, you’ll stop talking to them, and I’ll start.

It Is Your Life, Plain, and Simple

If you’re reading this, the Commonwealth of Virginia, backed by dozens of lawyers and millions of dollars in resources, is trying to take it from you.  Choosing your criminal lawyer is not an important decision – it is everything.

A Strong Record of Winning

I have a strong record of winning the most serious cases that the government can bring.  I stand firmly behind the many times I’ve taken the fight to the Commonwealth’s front door when they withheld evidence. In every case the evidence that was withheld helped my client win his freedom. 

A Street Fighter

You need a street fighter who figures out the worst thing that can happen to you and prepares for that.  I have a brother who is four years younger than I am, and I love him a great deal.  That’s how I’d defend him.  That’s how I will defend you.  

I handle every case the same, whether it’s murder, possession of drugs, or a misdemeanor crime. I have represented a wide of variety of defendants, including professional athletes, law enforcement officers, physicians, bestselling authors, and teachers. The Commonwealth is coming after you.  You’ll want me to be the man in between.

I Offer The Highest Quality, Comprehensive Defense Of Heroin and Prescription Drug Offenses



Challenging The Prosecution

“Richmond Prosecutor Adjusts Disclosure Policy”

Times Dispatch-2013

“Attorney Alleges Evidence in Peterson Case Kept Secret”

ABC, September 2008

“Judge Declares Mistrial In Henrico County Murder Trial”

Times Dispatch-2006

“Man’s Second Murder Trial Ends In Acquittal”

Times Dispatch-2006

“Don’t Ever Talk To The Police Before You Talk To Me”

Services Offered

Violent Felony Defense

Firearm/Drug Criminal Defense

Sex Crime Defense


Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

I offer the highest quality representation whether you’ve been charged with a violent felony, firearm or drug offense, sexual offense, or misdemeanor. While every case is different and I can never guarantee a “win”,  I maintain a solid track record with your needs as my only priority. The fight you get will never change based upon the level of your charge.

Incredible Attorney!

Incredible attorney. His integrity and work ethic is what anyone would want with a lawyer of his caliber.-J.S.

Great Results!

I am foreign exchange student from Asia. While studying here for summer at local college me and few friends got in some trouble My college professor recommend Mr Anthony very highly. Although my parents were hesitant about hiring him because they want family friend to represent me, I convinced them. I was very afraid and facing serious charges. Jason eased my concerns right away. He communicate with me and my parents and was always in my reach. The day my court he was well prepared and acted as my friend and attorney. I got very good result. Hiring Jason set myself on the right path.-Beth K.

An Excellent Attorney!

Jason is an excellent attorney who goes above and beyond for his clients. He has always been there when needed . An honest man who cares deeply about his people and profession.-Kerry P.

He Truly Cares About His Clients!

Jason Anthony is a wonderful attorney.  He truly cares about his clients and does everything in his power to help them.  He is a really good communicator and this is obvious in a court case.  He is very fair in the costs for his services, and goes the extra mile.  Jason has been in our home when he thought he was needed because he cares. We feel very fortunate to have had him in our corner when we needed him. And he is still there for us; we consider him family and love him like a son.

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